New products

Notwithstanding the difficult period dealing with the Covid 19, we kept investing in research and develpoment. Among the results of this effort we’re presenting you 2 new fan series :

1 ) ROOF CM HT with horizontal and vertical discharge


1 ) ROOF ‐ CM HT and ROOF ‐ CMV HT are roof fans for emergency smoke extraction, certified for 400°C 2 hours, of new design, that gradually will replace the existing ones.

The main technical features of the new series are:


‐ outstanding performances and efficiencies, so to be already according to the Ecodesign normative, thanks to
carefully designed smooth nozzles with reduced gaps with the impellers, with high efficiency impellers and electric motors‐ standard cover in techno-polymer (available in galvanized steel sheet on demand)

‐ Special motors for high temperatures, that allows these fans to work also in continuous service with peaks temperatures of 200°C .
The speed of these motors can be regulated by a frequency converter (not during emergency).

‐ an increased range with additional sizes 550 and 600.

2) CHEF‐BOX are direct driven cabinet fans, with backward curved impellers, specifically designed for applications in professional kitchens or in industrial plants where can be present high temperatures in the exhausted steam(up to 120°C in continuous service), and/or greasy residues. This is possible thanks to the separation between motor and impeller spaces.

The main features of these fans are :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ‐ low noise level thanks to the double panel around the impeller‐ more performant motors compared with standard cabinet fans: high efficiency, IP 55, speed adjustable by an inverter

‐ easy access to the impeller zone for maintenance and cleaning

‐ a huge range that can reach much higher pressures compared to standard double inlet direct driven fans.