“The protection of workers’ health and safety is considered a success factor of equal rank to the high quality of the products manufactured by Elektrovent for achieving company’s objectives”.

The Management of Elektrovent S.r.l. always takes this principle into consideration in the definition of company’s choices and objectives, since it is its own will to operate in compliance with the principles of safeguarding the health and safety of workers and people involved in the company’s activities.

The Management is aware that some operations performed to exercise its activity may have some risk characteristics for the person, whether a worker or another individual on the worksite.

For this reason, the Management is committed to defining and implementing a Workplace Health and Safety Management System so that each worker can operate under the best possible conditions and become aware and conscious of the importance of the protection of his/her own and others’ occupational health and safety, of the individual obligations, and of the consequences of his/her work activities.

Our vision and core values in terms of Safety and Health at the Workplace can be summarized as follows:

  • Work activities must never harm the health and safety of those who perform them;
  • Safety and health at the workplace are fundamental and indispensable principles in all our activities;
  • The observance of the current legislation and applicable agreements is inseparable from any other consideration in the company’s activities at all levels;
  • Responsibility in the management of safety and health at work belongs to all of us, each to the extent of his/her competence, from ownership down to each individual worker;
  •  The whole company is committed to continuous improvement in the prevention of risks to the safety and health of people engaged in the work, because the consequential results improve the entire organization;
  • Everyone in the company must be sensitized and trained to perform their duties safely assuming their responsibilities concerning safety and health at work;
  • Everyone in the company must feel involved in occupational safety and health issues.

With regard to health and safety at work, the general objectives related to this topic can be summarized as the following commitments:

  • Ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and illnesses at work;
  • Reduce and eliminate any injuries and illnesses resulting from working activities;
  • Eliminate potential and actual causes of injury through frequent discussions among all the company’s levels and the analysis of the accidents and near misses:
  • Involve the staff directly or indirectly in the implementation and management of the emergency plan.
  • Properly manage personnel, new employees, chemicals, PPE (personal protective equipment) and external companies working at the company.
  • Verify the continuous compliance with legal requirements and other rules considered important by the company;
  • Eliminate (whenever possible) the damage, reduce the residual risk in order to minimize it through  actions for the continuous improvement of performances, both through the implementation of preventive and protective appropriate measures according to the technological development and through the adoption of adequate organizational and management tools according to our specific characteristics;
  • Ensure consultation with workers and their representatives through their constant engagement in risk assessment and in Management System planning;
  • Involve suppliers and contractors in sharing principles of our policy in order to facilitate the improvement of health and safety performance in the workplace of our partner as well.


In addition, the Management intends to pursue the continuous improvement through the constant reminder of the importance of the compliance with the best health and safety requirements according to the international standard rules ISO 45001.

For this reason, it established this health and safety policy based on the involvement of all employees, so that they are all informed of it and everyone understands and supports the subjects of this policy.

Everyone, according to his/her own professional experience and skills, is called to cooperate in order to implement the Company Policy.

Company Management establishes periodic control with the managers, in order to verify whether the objectives and the pursuit of the continuous improvement in all company activities are effectively implemented.


This statement of commitment is shown to the workers and it’s made accessible to the interested parties


Soiano del Lago, 23/05/2023

Elektrovent S.rl.