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ROOF-CM ROOF-CM line has been designed for roofing installations, for director ducted exhaust in civilian, commercial and industrial buildings,as: offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, warehouses ,industrial plants, engine rooms etc. This line consists of 10 sizes with impeller diameter from 310 up to 800 mm, and 4, 6, 8 pole motors. Download document: ROOF-CM 2023 ...
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ROOF-CMV ROOF-CMV range is the vertical discharge version of the classic ROOF-CM. The fluids exhausted upward reduce the problems of disturbing noise and smells propagating to the neighboring houses located in horizontal position in the respect of the fan. The choice of materials including the outer conveyor in ABS and the cap in galvanized steel sheet make of the ROOF-CMV a robust,reliable and weather proof product. These attributes are not common in the panorama of the vertical discharge roof fans. Download document ROOF-CMV 2023 ...
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ROOF-CER ROOF-CER line is destined to roofing installations to exhaust low air volumes, in civilian and commercial buildings. Download document ROOF-CER 2022 ...
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KAMIN The roof fan KAMIN is designed to support the domestic chimney with low natural exhausting, thanks to the special construction suitable to operate up to 200°C. When the chimney is stopped it can be used to exchange the air in the ambient. Download document KAMIN 2022 ...
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ROOF-CM EC ROOF-CM EC line consists of roof fans equipped with centrifugal backward curved impellers directly coupled to an electronically commutated (EC) permanent magnets motor. It is specially suited for air extraction from residential and commercial (offices, shops, redtaurants) or industrial (warehouses, engine or electrical rooms,...) buildingsin which it is required silent operation and an extremely high efficiency, with fulfillment of the current ErP Regulations on power consumption. 9 models with impeller from 310 to 630mm impellers and airflow up to 16.000 m3/h. Maximum pressures allowed up to 1.400 Pa. Download document ROOF-CM EC 2023 Read more