During the summer 2023 we completed the installation of an adiabatic cooling system for all our production premises.

The working principle is based on the water evaporation to reduce the air temperature: the intake hot air is passing through water impregnated filters where latent heat is exchanged, so the exiting air is cooler and not only: it is also cleaner, without germs and odours.

Furthermore, coupling the adiabatic coolers with air extractors, it is empowered and improved the air exchange and it is reduced the overall ambient humidity.

The final result is the creation of a healthier micro-climate, that improves the well-being of workers, so they can perform their tasks more safely and efficiently, especially during the hottest and most humid months of the year.

Additionally, the system is energetically very low consuming, compared to refrigerating gas-based systems.

Our system is composed by 15 coolers with capacity of 18.000 m3/h each and by 17 ELEKTROVENT roof axial fans type ROOF-AM 716 T 0,75kW working as extraction fans.

In ELEKTROVENT we’re fans manufacturers, so we care not only of “moving air well” for our customers but also of the quality of the air breathed by our people in our premises.