ELEKTROVENT presents the new series of pressurizers with variable flux for filters against smoke SMOFIL, to guarantee the safety of people in case of fire.

The pressurization kit SMOFIL is an easy and reliable system to create a positive pressure of at least 0,30 mbar (30 Pa) inside of a filter aganist fire, according to DM 30-11-83 and to DM 3 August 2015 (new Testo Unico). So that we can avoid the presence of smoke into the ‘safe areas’ and into the ‘escape ways’ for at least 120 minutes.

The main features:

  • Pressurization of filters in short times, less than a second, thanks to the high capacity of fans (up to 3260 m3/h) also in absence of electricity (range up to 3 hours)
  • Pressurization group which can be installed built in or embossing in the filter
  • Differential Pressure device included into the kit, which allows an easy opening of the doors in case of escape, according to the European law EN 12101-6 and to Testo Unico DM 3-8-15
  • Start up of the general fire survey plant or of a dedicated system or working phase 24h/24h
  • Electronic integrated circuit to check any working anomaly

Functioning Test certified by an Institute authorized by Ministero dell’Interno – Firemen, realized at 50 and 30 Pa, according EN 12101.6, DM 30-11- 83 e DM 3 August 2015 ( new Testo Unico for the prevention of fires).

Certified system n. 2050/09

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