We are pleased to inform you that we have received the new Statement of Conformity for our Atex products.
They have been REISSUED by the TUV NORD in compliance with the entry into force of the new technical standards and in particular of:

- Design (construction) of fans in potentially explosive atmospheres Atex EN 14986:2017.

- In addition, the previous standards 13463-1 and 13463-5 “Non-electric appliances intended for use in Atex atmospheres”, have been repealed and replaced
by the new electrical standards, in particular EN 80079-36 e la EN 80079-37.

since the introduction of these new standards, I inform you that:

1) the marking of the fans is described as follows:

II 2/2G Ex h IIB+H2 T4…T2 Gb/Gb
II 2/2D Ex h IIIC T135°C…T300°C Db/Db

It is therefore modified compared to the past as the double category must be indicated internal and external of the fan ( es . 2/2 o 3/3 ).
Furthermore, it is no longer possible to mark for gases IIC but only IIB + H2, then:

For gases the marking can be: II 3/3G Ex h IIB (or also IIB+ H2) T3 (or also T4) Gc/Gc or: II 2/2G Ex h IIB (or also IIB+H2) T3 (or also T4) Gb/Gb

For the dust instead: II 3/3D Ex h IIIB (or also IIIC) T135°C (or also T200°C) Dc/Dc or: II 2/2D Ex h IIIB (or also IIIC) T135°C (or also 200°C) Db/Db

N.B. In the new fan marking, the previous symbol “c” (Construction safety) is replaced by “Ex h”.
Also at the end of the new marking appears “Gc” or “Gb” (2 times) for the Gases and “Dc” or “Db” (2 times) for the dust.
These 2 letters indicate “EPL”, that is the Equipment Protection Level.

2) For category 2 / 2D fans installed in zone 21, it is mandatory to use a vibration monitoring system in accordance with ISO 14694.

For category 2 / 2G fans (with the exception of the Si-back and Sirocco series), installed in zone 1, it is not mandatory (as per EN 14694) but the installation of a vibration monitoring system is suggested especially in the case in which it is not possible to carry out frequent (every 150 hours) vibrometric checks that avoid the onset of imbalances (in practice it is as if it were mandatory).

3)The fact of having a Statement of Conformity (i.e. a third-party certification) instead of filing a technical file (in practice a self-declaration), as many competitors do, is an important guarantee regarding the safety of the products to be kept in serious consideration.