Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

We’re pleased to inform you about an important investment that our Company has recently made and that improves our environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The specialized Company BENACO ENERGIA has performed the upgrade if the photovoltaic plant installed above our production premises located in via delle Pozzette in Soiano del Lago.

Precisely, 2 new plants have been installed to integrate an already existing one from 2011.

The old one, on our warehouse “A” (offices/shipping Dept.), composed by 90 panels of 20kWp, has been increased to 160 panels to reach 64kWp.

Upon Warehouse “B” (production/assembling/testing lab) a new plant has been installed with 232 panels for 125kWp, so in total we have now:

Total Power:                                      209 kWp

Estimated production:                   230.285 kWh/year

 Self-consumption covered:         70% on year basis

 The plant has been completed with a recharge station for electrical cars.

 In order to limit fire hazard in the working areas, inverters have been placed on the rooftop.

In a moment in which more and more attention is placed on environmental sustainability, we’re proud to be able to produce energy in a green way.

Our vision has always been, within our possibilities, to work for a better world, either through charity donations, either with the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our fans, either improving the way we produce them.


Fotovoltaico 1

Fotovoltaico 2