DIRECTIVE 2009/125/CE (Energy – related – Products – ErP i.e. products that influence energetic consumption), also known as Eco-design, by specific implementing regulations defines the design standards of all products that are consuming energy; it’s the most important action made by EU in order to improve the energy efficiency of the 20% within the year 2020.

Also the eco-compatibility design of the motors  (IE2, IE3), set by Regulation EC 640/2009 is part of this frame.

For centrifugal and axial fan is applied Regulation EC 327/2011 instead, that defines minimum efficiency levels that they need to have in order to be out on the market in the European Union.

Within this frame of the European Community has come into force, from the 1st of January, 2016, also the Regulation EC 1253/2014 that applies to the ventilation units and set the specifications to be respected in order to be put on the market.

In our case we’re talking about NRVU (Non Residential Ventilation Units), in particular roof-fans

(series ROOF), cabinet (BOX) and heat recovery units (ECOM). Are excluded from the application of this regulation, within others. All the VU working in explosive atmosphere (ATEX), all the emergency fire ventilation (HT) or VU manufactured for working with fluids with temperature > 100°C, the ones used in corrosive or flammable environments, the ones destined to be installed outside EU or put into market before the 1st of January, 2016.

ELEKTROVENT is, as always, a reference in the market for the technical and normative update of its products. TO do so, we conform all the relevant series in our production to the new efficiency parameters, with long-time research and development of products and components, especially for motors and impellers, seeking innovation and improving efficiency.

We’re particularly pride of the results obtained, proved by many laboratory tests made.

In particular, ECOM has been completely redesigned (we’ll provide soon the new technical sheet), for the other series, for example ROOF-AM or SILENT-BOX and DC-BOX, are changing only the technical characteristics  of few models.

In our website you may find all the relevant documentation.

With kindest regards,


   Marco G. Poggiato