In the beginning of 2016 in ELEKTROVENT, in view of the continuous improvement, we decided to face an important investment, that is the construction of a:


New test chamber according standards EN ISO 5801 and AMCA 210

Elektrovent  has built a new chamber for fan testing, the structure is in final setup phase and will be completely operative within a couple of months.

The plant allows the measurement of the performances of ventilating systems (both active and not) in conditions very similar to the real applications conditions. Furthermore, thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, it is possible to make precise considerations about the effect of planning and constructing variations of the plant where the fan is installed. The chamber allows also to quantify the normalized performances of the fan, useful to certify the system performances and compare them with those declared for similar products (certified according to same standards).

The smart layout of the test bench makes it suitable for several kinds of ventilating systems, including also non-active systems like filters, guards and ducts.

The available surface for fan testing, allows to test axial fans with flange diameter up to Ø 1600 mm and centrifugal fans of various dimensions according to EN ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 standards.

Our test chamber section is 2.8×2.8 and its length is around 15 m (including the auxiliary fan), while the height is around 4mt. Considering also the area where fan under test is located the total length become approx 18mt.

The maximum performances that can be measured are 65.000m3/h and 1.000Pa, while the maximum installed power of the fan under test is 40kW, while the motor power of the auxiliary fan is 55 kW.

Motors are driven via specific frequency converters; the chamber is also equipped with a high speed data acquisition system, managed by internal software, for the acquisition of the electrical and mechanical performance of the fan and motor. The principal data acquired are: airflow, static pressure, dynamic pressure, absorbed power, absorbed current, motor temperature, power factor, system efficiency,…


The most important advantages related to the new test chamber are mainly :

-faster execution of performances tests, which no longer require to mount and remove of several duct flanges in order to get the fan characteristic curve, as this function is obtained with the auxiliary fan

-higher accuracy of measured data, thanks to modern high-quality instruments which operates in perfectly repetitive conditions, with wide measure range: from 0 to 65.000 m3/h and from -1000 Pa up to +1000 Pa

-possibility to quantify the characteristics also for non-active components of the ventilation systems, like filters, guards and ducts

-possibility to test asynchronous three-phase and mono-phase motors, brushless high efficiency motors and, thanks to the control panel, to check the motor performance with the variation of the voltage (0-600 V) and frequency (50-60 Hz)


Our new test chamber is a valid instrument that is indispensable for the study, realization ad optimization of fans, according to the new European Directive for Energy-related-Products 2009/125/CE (ErP).

This allows us to verify immediately and with the maximum precision eventual new solutions and new products designed by our R&D department, and also special products form customer requests. This project is a proof of our will to invest in research in order to be always at the cutting edge of the technical development of our products.