After a few year of validity of the actual price list (dated 2015) and due the below listed prices increases:

-          Raw materials (copper, zinc and metal sheet in general),

-          Basic components (especially electric motors),

-          General expenses

-          Operation to improve the efficiency of our fans to comply the actual European norms. For instance the 3rd phase of regulation CE 640-2009, has introduced the IE3 efficiency class from 0.75kW and above, and rhe regulation ERP 1253/2014

We have been forced to review the actual pricing by analyzing the costs of every single item i non-speculative way.

The final resulti s the price-list 1/2017 which will enter in force on 1 MAY 2017.

We are sure yu will appreciate our efforts to contain the increase as much as possible and in some cases, you will find some reductions.

This is due to the constant investments and improving all the company system, to reflect in the quality of our fans.

The most remarkable increases refer to the fan models powered with IE3 motors that we repeat are mandatory in Europe since the 1 Jenuary 2017.