Directive 2009/125/EC Energy – related – Products- ErP (alias: products affecting the energy consumption), also known as Eco-design, is a framework directive that through the specific implementation of regulations defines the requirements for design all products consuming energy. It represents the most important action undertaken by the EU to improve the energy efficiency by the 20% within the year 2020.
Eco-design of electric motors (improved efficiency IE2, IE3) regulated by 640/2009/EC is within this logic.
Regarding fans with electrical input power between 125 W and 500 kW the regulation N.327/11 shall be applied. It specifies the minimum efficiency requirements for fans to be placed for the first time in the European market. The first phase of improved efficiency entered in force from the 1° January 2013 and this second step, requiring an higher level of efficiency will be valid starting from the 1° January 2015.
For the moment the following fans are not regulated within the 327/2011
- AtEx (explosion proof)
- HT (smoke exhaust)
- Fans with operating temperature higher than 100°C (KAMIN, DUCT-BFC, SI BACK AT etc.)
- Fans for corrosive environment (PLASTIC etc.)
- Fans destined to export outside the European Community
Roof fans (ROOF), cabinet fans (BOX), in line fans (DIAM, SILENT BOX, RECTA) and heat recovery units (ECOM) are actually not included in the regulation 327/2011 as they will be regulated in another specific regulation (1253/2014); however for these fans the motor-impeller group inside is subjected to 327/2011.
Following the new requirements from the first 1° January 2015 some only a very few models in our program could not be traded in the European market but they will be replaced by others models fully in conformity with the new regulation.
We have introduced new models or re-designed old items with new motors and impellers more efficient, sometimes with characteristics much different from the “old” model.
We are particularly proud of the work made up to now and you will see from the large numbers of ErP models of the new catalogue. Soon you will receive the updated list.