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DC BOX The DC-BOX series is constituted by directly coupled double inlet centrifugal fans (DC), housed in a plenum (BOX), lined of sound proofing material. They are particularly suitable to extract or introduce air in residential and commercial buildings (offices, gyms, shops, restaurants) or industrials (engine rooms, electric panel rooms…)requiring silent operation. Download document DC-BOX 2018...
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BD BOX The BD BOX series is made of double inlet foreward curved blade fans belt coupled to the motor, housed in a cabinet inside lined with sound proofing material. They are designed to exhaust or intake air in residential and commercial installations (offices, pools, shops, restaurants) or industrial (engine rooms , electrical devices, kitchens ...) where silentness and high capacities are required. Requiring operation and high capacities. The possibility to act on the rpm and the wider range of fans consent a more flexible use...
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CARBON CARBON units represent the ideal solution for filtering and air deodorization. This line is destined for both civilian, commercial (restaurants, bar) and industrial  environments. Filtering obtained by mean of a series of suitable filters and silent operation is guaranteed by the double skin paneling and acoustic lining. Download document CARBON 2017 ...
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